Spring Lessons

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Start Date

Days Off

End Date

Monday 4/3/17 4/10/17, 5/29/17 6/19/17
Tuesday 4/4/17 4/11/17 6/13/17
Wednesday 4/5/17  4/12/17 6/14/17
Thursday 4/6/17  4/13/17 6/15/17
Friday 4/7/17  4/14/17, 5/26/17 6/23/17
Saturday 4/8/17 4/15/17, 5/27/17 6/24/17

PLEASE PRINT the schedule for future reference. Confirmation phone calls for start dates or dates off will not be made.

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Severe Weather Cancellation Policy

Classes canceled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled at the end of the session. Classes are NOT always canceled when schools are closed due to severe weather conditions. Please call one hour prior to class for information on class availability or cancellation.

About Missed Classes

Make-ups are not offered.

Classes missed for personal reasons (illness, vacations, schedule conflicts, etc.) are lost. Make-ups are not provided and refunds will not be given for missed lasses. Credit in the next session may be given for classes missed due to documented long-term illness or injury.

Refunds/credits will not be given for missed classes.